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Do you need help to choose the ideal product or do you want to find a stamp dealer in your area? Here you can find many useful information concerning stamp. Besides you can download pictures and photos in the download area.

Trodat Subsidiaries & distributors

You can find contact information of all Trodat subsidiaries and distributors here.

Become a Trodat Dealer

Trodat offers all the products and services necessary for the production and sale of individual stamps. The perfectly matched components guaranty outstanding quality, simple operation, and comprehensive service. Find out what you need for the modern stamp production here.

Find your product 

Find your ideal Trodat stamp with just a few clicks here

Buy your stamp

Find your local stamp dealer or shop stamps on the internet here.

Usage tips

Do you want to replace your stamp's ink cartridge or attach a new text plate? Pictures explain how it works here.


We've compiled answers to frequently asked questions for you. You find the answeres to your questions here.


Here you can download images of products, function images, and various logos in JPG, TIF, and EPS format in the download area. In addition, you'll find a collection of Multi Color Impression, imprint patterns, symbols, and pictograms for imprints here

dISTRIBUTOR lIST By Geographic region

We've highlighted distributors from around the country.  See the complete list here