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trodat ideal


Trodat Ideal vellum is optimally suited for use with laser printers and copiers due to very good toner adhesion. The negative for manufacture of photopolymer plates is developed with the help of the printed vellum. The vellum's very good transparency guarantees outstanding quality here in the finished negative.

Format: A4

TRODAT IDEAL Daylight AQ Negative System



The Trodat Ideal Daylight AQ negative system consists of AQ daylight film and AQ activator. AQ daylight film (AQ negative) is characterized by a high degree of blackness and high base-film transparency. In addition, the system enables hazardous chemicals to be completely dispensed with that would otherwise have been used while producing the negative. The daylight film is exposed in the photopolymer machine together with the vellum, subsequently sprayed with water-based liquid activator, and cleaned with water.

TRODAT IDEAL Cover film (CF)


Trodat Ideal cover film serves as the separating film between the photopolymer machine and the liquid photopolymer. It's characterized by optimal light permeability and easy separability from the exposed text plate.

TRODAT IDEAL Damming Tape (DT)



The adhesive tape serves to demarcate and seal the liquid photopolymer during processing in the machine. In addition, it guarantees the text plate's uniform height. It's glued on the cover film on the edge of the negative

TRODAT IDEAL Substrate Sheets
(“C” Series)


Trodat Ideal substrate sheets enable optimal adhesion of the developed photopolymer to the stamp. The substrate sheet is characterized by good light permeability. It thus guarantees a homogeneous text plate bottom.


TRODAT IDEAL liquid washout concentrate (iLW) –

It's best to use IDEAL iLW washout concentrate to remove residues on the developed photopolymer plate. Liquid wash-out concentrate is especially economical and cost effective. It's suitable for use both in automatic washout systems and for washing out manually.



Use of IDEAL iBoosters as an additive in the iLW wash-out solution that extends the wash-out concentrate's service life. Adding iBooster is especially recommended with hard water.



IDEAL iDfoam is a foam reduction agent added to the wash-out solution to prevent foaming in the cleaning machine.


TRODAT IDEAL iPXc post-exposure additive  

TRODAT IDEAL iPXc is a patented post-exposure additive consisting of liquid and powered components. It prevents possible photopolymer plate stickiness and guarantees perfect, non-sticky results.