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Slim & Superslim
pre-inked stamps


The Slim & SuperSlim pocket stamps from Trodat are designed for customers that are on the move, and need a stamp that can fit easily in the purse or pocket.

Large Number of Impressions

Don’t be fooled by their compact design!  The SlimStamp offers 2 times the number of impressions of traditional self-inking stamps before re-inking.  And even with its ultra-compact design, the SlimStamp will provide you with the same number of impressions as their self-inking equivalents before a need to re-ink.

Wide Range of Sizes

With seven sizes in the Slim design, and three SuperSlim sizes, it’s easy to find a size that will suit your needs.   

Easy to Stamp

The housing on the Slim and SuperSlim stamps are roughly the same size as the impression area itself, making it easy to properly line up the stamp and make your mark accurately each and every time.

Low Emissions Manufacturing

With their small size case, the Slim and SuperSlim stamps use less plastic, and no chemicals are used in the customization process.