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4645 Lid Black_tdtt_portal-large.jpg

Trodat is starting 2022 off with a bang, by introducing an all-new Printy 4645 self-inking round stamp to replace the outgoing Printy 46045 model.

The new 4645 joins the ever growing P4 line of Printy self-inking stamps, with a thoroughly modern design that incorporates all of the best features the P4 generation is known for: user comfort, high-quality build and materials, durability, ease of use, soft touch materials and much more. There is a full-size index window on top which also doubles as a stable surface when placed upside down for die installation, and the included dust cover snaps on and off with ease, for additional protection when the stamp is not in use. 

Of course, the all-new 4645 was engineered to be environmentally friendly, utilizing post-consumer recycled materials in its construction while being manufactured via Trodat's climate-neutral production process.

Joining the all-new Printy 4645 is a redesigned ink cartridge that has been engineered to deliver a clean, fast and easy replacement experience, with grip tabs that provide a secure hold and ink-free fingers. The new ink cartridges are available in five vibrant colors: Black, Red, Blue Green and Violet.

Check with your local rubber stamp maker today to see if the all-new Trodat Printy 4645 is available!