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New Printy 4.0 sizes

The Original Printy 4.0's success story continues. In 2012 we look forward to greeting three new sizes in the Printy 4.0 product family:

Printy 4910 (max. text plate size 26 mm x 9 mm)
Printy 4914 (max. text plate size 64 mm x 26 mm)
Printy 4915 (max. text plate size 70 mm x 25 mm)


We thus complement the core sizes with the three additional sizes: 4910, 4914, and 4915.

The stamp's high functionality and attractive design in many colours are inspiring customers all over the world.
The Original Printy 4.0 offers more than just substantial benefits for stamp makers such as simple text plate assembly. It scores just as highly with the end customer, among other things with an absolutely clean and intuitive cartridge replacement.
And as the first climate-neutral stamp, this stamp withstands the test of time, showing that Trodat takes its responsibility towards nature and society seriously here.


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