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Printy 4642


The Printy 4642 is the latest entry into  the New Printy Lineup.  The Printy 4642 features a full 1-5/8” (42mm) impression area, and like the rest of the New Printy products, is a climate neutral product.
With its unique closing cap, the Printy 4642 can be carried without worrying about creating a mess. Two special grip zones allow pad changes without touching the ink reservoir and thus guarantee clean fingers. Soft-touch elements ensure a stamp which is easy to use with a secure grip.
The Printy 4642 has an open positioning window, allowing for a clear view for easy placement of the impression.
This new, round text stamp belonging to the Printy 4.0 family is even equipped with innovative IMD technology, making it resistant to scratches and fingerprints.
Ask your  local stamp maker for the Printy 4642, or visit our Shopfinder page to locate a stamp maker online or near you.