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Effortless embossing. Perfect impression.

Why not make your wedding invitations even more beautiful with an elegant impression?


Embossings can be very diverse, sometimes large and full surface and at other times fine and detailed. The Trodat Seal Press guarantees perfect embossing for all applications.
The modern design of the Trodat Seal Press not only catches the eye, but the number of applications it can be used for is also a feature. It is equally well suited for use as a desktop and pocket seal press. The Trodat Ideal Seal Press is comfortable to hold thanks to its unique ergonomics; and its light weight and can be used in or out of the office.
Create a beautiful and detailed embossing with minimal effort.  The short throw allows hands of all sizes to achieve perfect impressions.
Nothing can go wrong when changing the plate holder - thanks to the simple and intuitive design of the seal press, it is impossible to insert plates incorrectly.
Furthermore, during the development of the new Trodat Ideal Seal Press, the product's CO2 footprint was minimised as much as possible. The plastic parts of the product are made from 98% post-consumer recycled plastic. The new Trodat Ideal Seal Press fits perfectly into the environmentally friendly Trodat product range.
New Trodat Ideal Seal Press
Minimum effort. Perfect seal quality.
  • Available in 2 colours - chrome and matte black
  • Available plate holder sizes:
          - 41 mm round
          - 51 mm round
          - 25 x 51 mm rectangular
Optional deluxe & vinyl bag

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