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A lot of people might think that in the age of high-tech inline inkjet coding systems a product like the JustRite line of stamps would not have a place anymore. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Not all manufacturers have the capital to keep up with all the changes in coding systems that happen. Also, not all products lend themselves to being imprinted using these inkjet systems. Sometimes to accomplish your coding needs your only option is the old school option.


The JustRite line numberer is Trodat’s best selling customizable numbering stamp. The hand model is available in 10-character sizes and up to 18 characters long on some models. The self-inking version has 6-character sizes and units with up to 18 characters long on some models. This line can be assembled in an infinite number of band configurations, being able to conform to your coding requirements. Regardless if you need numbers, letters or custom characters, JustRite line numberers can handle those needs.


One unique stamp in the JustRite line is the Direct Action Self-Inker (BDA). The BDA is a special self-inking stamp that utilizes a unique short stroke system to make the impression. This is perfect for use in an automated pneumatic press for industrial marking. Available in 6 different character sizes and up to 24 characters long, the BDA can accommodate the entire alphabet and some sizes the alphabet and numbers on the same band. The BDA is an extremely versatile coding tool.


The JustRite line is not just numbering stamps. It also has a host of date stamps available. From just dates alone to customizable die plates with dates. There are multiple options for your dating needs. The date bands can also be customized in various layouts.


The JustRite stamps are made with plated steel parts and have available bands that are resistant to most industrial inks. Also, the JustRite stamp is not just for industrial applications. If you have high volume stamping or stamping in rough environments, the JustRite is a stamp system that will work for you. Ask your local stamp maker for information on ordering.